Halong Bay is located on the eastern coast of Hanoi about 160 km in distance. This handful guide lets you decide your Vietnam trip where to to stay in Halong Bay.

Stay in halong bay Where to Stay in Halong Bay Vietnam
stay in Halong Bay

Top places to stay in Halong Bay

Travelers usually decide to spend a day or two on the cruise. There are two types of cruise, normal, with a moderate price, and luxury, rather expensive, but with greater amenities. Staying on a cruise allows you to explore numerous islands much easier. However, if you prefer accommodation on the mainland, Halong Bay has got you covered.

With plenty of accommodation options so you can have a hard time finding the ideal place as your base. You can choose from booking or Airbnb

1. Stay overnight on a cruise

Stay on a boat cruise is one of the highlighted experiences to visit Halong Bay where you can spend the evening on deck listening to the ebb and flow of the waves, surrounded by the silhouettes of impressive limestone mountains.

You will wake up in tranquility of nature in middle of the islands where you can watch the sunrise over the mountains and enjoy some Tai Chi on boat deck

There are some major overnight stays

1.1. Lan Ha Bay

Halong bay 2 Where to Stay in Halong Bay Vietnam
Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is a quieter and less visited alternative to Halong Bay. It has the same landscape with masses of limestone karsts and white sandy beaches. The main difference is that there are fewer boats in this area meaning fewer tourists. This is a great option if you prefer to take it easy and stay away from the crowd.

1.2. Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is sometimes called ‘The Bay Less Traveled’. It is another option for those who want to keep off the beaten track. It’s an extension of Halong Bay and an absolute hidden gem. As there are fewer tourists here, there is less pollution and the water is clearer. Choose this route if you like to travel off the beaten path!

1.3. Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay is obviously the most popular route available for a cruise and the best option if you want to see all of the most famous attractions surroundings. It’s a lot busier than the other two options, but arguably bigger with more to see.

2. Stay overnight on an island

Staying on an island gives you the option to go to the beach any time you want, swim at night, trek by day and visit local restaurants. Which island should you choose? Read further to consider our recommended choices.

2.1. Cat Ba Island

Cat ba island 4 Where to Stay in Halong Bay Vietnam
Cat Ba island

Halong Bay’s biggest and most inhabited island Cat Ba will undoubtedly give you a comfortable stay. During the day you can trek in the national park, then spend the afternoon at one of Cat Ba’s beautiful beaches, before watching the sunset and spending an evening at one of the local seafood restaurants.

2.2. Co To Island

Coto island tour Where to Stay in Halong Bay Vietnam
960Co To Island

Co To Island is still somewhat undiscovered by tourists. The main draws are its white sandy beaches, clear waters and delicious fresh seafood restaurants. As it is relatively quiet and not very developed, this island is great for those who wish to explore undiscovered areas. However, it will not be the most convenient location to choose and does not cater to tourists.

2.3. Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan is another great option for those who love nature. This island is charming in its pristine natural beauty. The island has beautiful landscapes and also great seafood!

3. Stay on mainland Halong city

Sun World Halong Complex 1024x350 Where to Stay in Halong Bay Vietnam
Halong city

you can spend your night on a comfy bed and still wake up viewing the magnificent Halong at sunrise. At night, you can wander around, explore Halong city, go to see night markets also other attractions in the city center.

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