Boasting an extensive collection of natural wonders, colonial structures, and ancient citadels, Vietnam is undoubtedly a heaven for photo trip enthusiasts. Parts of this vast country remains relatively untouched, making it an ideal holiday destination for nature enthusiasts, while well-preserved temples, war sites, and unique festivities attract history buffs across the world.

Lehuy89 Vietnam Photo Trip Rice Terraces Trails
Vietnam Photo Trip

Vietnam’s tropical climate also means relatively clear skies and mild temperatures throughout the year, resulting in spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Stunning photo opportunities in Vietnam range from traditional architecture, such as Hanoi’s Temple of Literature and Hoi An Ancient Town, to the stunning UNESCO-listed Ha Long Bay and stepped rice terraces of Sapa – Mu Cang Chai – Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang – Cao Bang – northern Vietnam

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The Rice Terraced Harvest Trails Vietnam photo trip

Lehuy225 Vietnam Photo Trip Rice Terraces Trails
rice terraces trails Vietnam photo trip

Taking you Mu Cang Chai mountains to Vietnam National Heritage classified rice terraces of Hoang Su Phi, and the exhilarating Muong Hum and Sapa valleys. A dreamlike adventure for people and landscape lovers, taking place at the best time of the year: the golden rice harvest!

This Vietnam photo trip will take you to our favorite secret spots throughout North Vietnam mountainous regions, right in the midst of the rice harvest activities. A perfect opportunity to capture and portrait the every day life of the ethnic groups of the region, on the back drop of world-class landscapes and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Join us on a memorable adventure set to explore one of the world’s most picturesque region, and witness the traditional lifestyles of North Vietnam ethnic communities.

Day 1: Hanoi to La Pan Tan – Yen Bai

Lehuy46 Vietnam Photo Trip Rice Terraces Trails
Mu Cang Chai photo trip

7 hours’ travelling / photography stops

Leaving Hanoi for road No 32 to Yen Bai province, uphill to tea plantation areas of Tan Son district, stopping for some green tea and taking some pics of lady working on the farm.

En-route to Nghia Lo – Tu le town in time to capture the sunset pics of the beautiful rice terraces in Lim Mong villages -Tu le

Spending sunset time for good opportunities of La Pan Tan region

Stay overnight in the village of Hmong tribe or hotel guesthouse nearby

IMG 0101 1024x683 Vietnam Photo Trip Rice Terraces Trails
capture rice terraced trails Vietnam trip

Day 2: La Pan Tan – Che Cu Nha – Man Xoi

Some of the most impressive rice terraces in the country and is listed as a Vietnam National Heritage site. Throughout the day, we will have plenty of occasions to observe the H’mong people going about their daily lives and working in the fields.

Dinner and homestay with a Thai family.

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Day 3: Mu Cang Chai – Sapa valley villages

Lehuy58 Vietnam Photo Trip Rice Terraces Trails
Mu Cang Chai rice terraces

7 hours’ travelling / photography stops

head for Than Uyen by going through the plains formed by Nam Na River.

The road Mu Cang Chai to Sapa is superb, meandering through hills covered with tea bushes until reaching O Quy Ho passage, dominated by Fansipan Mountain, culminating at 3143m. We will make numerous stops along the way to capture these magnificent landscapes.

This morning is other shooting point up to/around Mu Cang Chai mountains of rice terraces in the sunrise.

Afternoon keeping going up farther north Sapa valley

overnight in sapa

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Day 4: Lao Chai – Ta van shooting

This morning sunrise is a good time to capture the sunrise at Lao Chai – Ta van valley, by the mean time hill tribe of Hmong start going to harvest and work on the farm.

In the afternoon a beautiful shoot at O Quy Ho Pass in the sunset where well known breathtaking landscape of northern pass

Overnight in Sapa

Lehuy3 Vietnam Photo Trip Rice Terraces Trails

Day 5: Sapa – Bac Ha (if sunday market) – Hoang Su Phi

7 hours’ travelling / photography stops

This morning will move to other side of the northern region, different landscape and views from other side views along the valley ups side down to Bac Ha market

Lehuy171 Vietnam Photo Trip Rice Terraces Trails
Bac ha market

2 hours of photography at Bac Ha market

In the afternoon keeping moving up far norther frontier boarder Hoang Su Phi of Ha Giang areas

Overnight in Hoang Su Phi

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Day 6: Ban Phung shooting and surroundings

Lehuy55 Vietnam Photo Trip Rice Terraces Trails
hoang su phi

The rice terraces of Hoang Su Phi have existed for more than three centuries; many generations of farmers from La Chi, Dao or Nung ethnic groups have shaped those hill curves, dug up the irrigation canals and terraced the mountainsides in stairs to cultivate rice. These rice fields have a total surface area of 630 km2 and are listed since 2012 as a Vietnam National Heritage site.

sunrise at Ban Phung is the best part of our journey where cloudy meet heaven in golden rice terraced setting. other side is sunrise coming up to fulfil all captures.

In the afternoon other sunset shooting points over the mountain of Ban luoc village.

Overnight in Hoang Su Phi town

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Day 7: Ta Su Choong – Thong Nguyen – Nam Hong valley

7 hours’ travelling / photography stops

Lehuy204 Vietnam Photo Trip Rice Terraces Trails

This breathtaking landscape of Hoang Su phi will appear at sunrise and sunset on time to shoot around.

Overnight in Nam Hong village of Redzao tribe

Day 8: Hoang Su Phi – Hanoi

7 hours’ travelling

End of services.


  • Price: US$ / person
  • Tour Dates:
    – 15 to 22 September
    – 1 to 8 June
  • Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
  • Group Size: 6 persons max.
  • Level: Beginners and Advanced

Tour Highlights

  • The magnificent rice terraces of Hoang Su Phi, a Vietnam National Heritage site
  • The weekend ethnic markets of bac Ha
  • Sapa’s beautiful surrounding areas
  • Encounters with diverse ethnic minority groups
  • Mu Cang Chai’s rice terraces, a Vietnam National Heritage site

Anyone who loves travel and photography is welcomed, whatever your level of experience – the most important thing is enthusiasm. Our tours can be summed up in three words – sharing, friendship and smiles. Your non-photographer friends & family are also welcomed to join – as long as they don’t mind hanging around while the photographers do their thing!

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