The golden rice terraced fields is one of the most impressive scenic views in Northern Vietnam that inspired any travelers coming to see. When the harvest season comes, the rice fields are becoming with mesmerizing yellow color. Blue sky, green mountains ranges and yellow rice paddy fields with house on stilt will create a mind-blowing scenery. The 6 incredible road trip to rice terraced fields is absolutely worth to do in Vietnam.

Here are 6 incredible road trip to golden rice fields in Northern Vietnam

1. Road trip to Tam Coc rice paddy fields in Ninh Binh

Road trip to tam coc 6 incredible road trip to Vietnam rice terraced fields

Tam Coc is considering the most beautiful rice paddy fields in Northern Vietnam on the golden rice season. Setting on the riverside of Tam Coc area farming land, the rice paddy fields lay down among limestone mountains.

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The golden rice paddy is from May to June when the rice starts changing into yellow color.

Otherwise Tam Coc known as “Halong Bay on land”. This is a perfect place for travelers looking for a beautiful day trip from Hanoi.

Other places nearby to visit in Tam Coc: Trang An, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Mua Cave, Hoa Lu ancient temple, Van Long nature reserve

The road trip to Tam Coc from Hanoi takes about 2 hours by private car. 3 hours by motorbike and buses. There are a train coming through from Hanoi or Hue to Tam Coc as well.

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2. Road trip to Mai Chau rice fields

Road trip to mai chau 6 incredible road trip to Vietnam rice terraced fields

its location about 140km from Hanoi and 65 km, Mai Chai valley is setting on mountain ranges and high valleys. It is one of the best alternative destinations after Sapa if you don’t have much time.

Mai Chau becomes good place to see the golden rice terraced fields in the north of Vietnam. The perfect road trip to see golden rice terraced fields is between May and June.

The road trip to Mai Chai rice terraced fields by private car about 3.5 hours. By Bus or motorbike taking 5 hours.

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3. Road trip to Bac Son Valley

Road trip to bac son valley 6 incredible road trip to Vietnam rice terraced fields

Bac Son Town is located about 70 km from Lang Son Province and 160 km from Hanoi. In the heart of this rural district, Bac Son Valley surrounded by charming mountain ranges and beautiful scenarios.

This region is high mountain with nice weather in tropical zone. This is home to many ethnic groups in the mountain and people here mainly do farming for their daily life.

The rice terraces in Bac Son are very unique, the yellow rice paddies are dotted with green ones. Due to tropical raining season around the year, the region has two crop per year. All makes Bac Son Valley is one of the best places to see the rice terraced fields in Northern Vietnam.

Good time of year to visit yellow rice terraced fields: one at the end of July and one in mid-November.

The road trip to Bac Son valley takes about 3 hours by private car and 3.5 hours by motorbike. Most of tour to Bac Son from Hanoi arranges relevant to 2 – 3 Days.

4. Road trip to Sapa rice Terraced fields

Road trip to sapa 1024x682 6 incredible road trip to Vietnam rice terraced fields

Sapa lies in Northern Vietnam, near the Chinese border. This is one of the most outstanding attractions with phenomenal landscapes, not to mention significant cultural importance.

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The curving terraces are perfectly fit with the landscape across the valley, creating a splendid painting of Mother Nature. They make Sapa an ideal place for hiking and photo hunt. Besides the beautiful rice terraces, it’s also a good place for travelers seeking for local experience with the ethnic culture.

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The rice terraced fields in Sapa usually come earlier than other parts of regions from the last week of August to mid-September.

Best places to visit: Ta Van, Lao Chai, Ta Phin, Ta Giang Phinh, Muong Hum and Cat Cat Village.

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5. Road trip to Mu Cang Chai

Road trip to mu cang chai 6 incredible road trip to Vietnam rice terraced fields

If you are planning to visit the Northern Vietnam, you should not miss Mu Cang Chai in your bucket list. The rice terraced fields is among the best scenarios in the world. The history of farming rice on their terraced fields dated back thousands year as they have been doing until today.

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The best time to visit Mu Cang Chai from September to the first week of October. During the harvest season, this area brings a marvelous beauty with Golden Rice Fields stretching all over the place.

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The perfect road trip to Mu Cang Chai takes about 6 hours by car. Other optional transportation are available such as bus or motorbike but it will take longer. Otherwise, you can travel to Yen Bai province, rent a motorbike and travel around. There are many exciting attractions besides the yellow rice terraces and Khau Pha Pass is among one of them. On the way, you will pass Tu Le, Cao Phuc Valley, Lu Thai, Lung Mong, etc.

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6. Road trip to Y Ty

Road trip to y ty 1 6 incredible road trip to Vietnam rice terraced fields

In comparison with Sapa and Mu Cang Chai, Y Ty is also perfect tranquility and lust rice terraced fields.

Y Ty is far northern Vietnam up Chinese border, it is about 70 km from Sapa. This is the impeccable place to see “true north” of Vietnam where you can enjoy the pristine nature

Y Ty is famous for viewing clouds and capture extraordinary rice terraced fields shooting. With the background of white clouds, the rice fields here become gorgeous with unbelievable beauty.

The best time to visit Y Ty is from September to October. Good chance to shoot a excellent photo with clouds and rice terraced fields.

The road trip to Y Ty from Hanoi takes up to hours, however the trip will stay one more night in Lao Cai city or Sapa before heading to Y Ty.

Other options: Taking a night train or limousine bus to Lao Cai city after heading up to Y Ty. Or hire a motorbike in Lao Cai to go however it is dangerous road

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