Tourist scams in Vietnam to avoid is common thing else where. However, Vietnamese people are proud to show their beloved country to foreigners, and it’s easy to see why. The land is stunningly beautiful and the people are wonderful — well, almost all of them.

Unfortunately, like any place that welcomes tourists, there are scammers and con artists looking to swipe your cash and valuables. So keep a lookout for the following tricks during your stay in lovely Vietnam to avoid

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tourist scams in Vietnam to avoid

1. Money switch

It’s usually motorbike taxi drivers that try this one. They use sleight of hand to switch whatever money you give them for smaller denominations, and then they put on a dramatic show of indignation — like you’re the one trying to rip them off. money scams in Vietnam

The most common version is switching a 500,000VND note for a 20,000VND, which is easy to fall for since they’re both blue.

The best way to avoid this is to pay with small bills. Break your larger bills at convenience stores, restaurants, or other reputable businesses. This ways to avoid tourist scams in Vietnam

2. The groin grab

This one preys on men in touristy areas. An attractive girl will start flirting with a man off by himself, telling him how handsome he is and asking if he wants a massage as she plays with his groin. While he’s distracted, she empties his pockets. Girls often work in teams for this one.

3. Fake taxis

The two best companies in Vietnam are Vinasun (white) and Mai Linh (green). Some of their drivers are shady, but the majority are honest. Unfortunately, there are other companies that use similar names and matching color schemes.

They’ll trick you by pointing to their meter, since everyone knows to only get in taxis that has one. But you’ll quickly notice that the meter climbs much faster than it should. And when you pay, the drivers will often try the money switch scam. Make sure you get in a Vinasun or Mai Linh, or use an app like Grab

4. Fake travel companies

This one is similar to the fake taxis mentioned above. When a travel company gets popular, fake businesses open shops with similar names, hoping to trick foreigners who are unfamiliar with Vietnamese.

Research everyone online before you buy from them, and check the spelling closely.

5. The two-shine

If you’re wearing dress shoes in a touristy area, prepare to be hounded by shoe-shiners. Oftentimes, foreigners accept just to be left alone. They negotiate a price, but when the shoes come back, the price has doubled, because the price they gave you was for just one shoe. If the foreigner puts up a stink, underworld muscle is never too far away.

6. Bait-and-switch massage

Massage parlors use this one to prey on amorous men. A beautiful woman on the street convinces the man to come inside for a massage, usually by flirting and laughing a lot. Then, once the man has paid, the beautiful woman is gone and a surly woman with gorilla hands comes in.

Another common tourist scams in Vietnam is to charge tourists ridiculous fees for things like water, towels and music. When you refuse to pay, gangsters step in. Your best bet is selecting places you’ve researched online, rather than following pretty girls into dark alleys.

7. Motorbike taxi

Motorbike taxis — xe ôm in Vietnamese — are notorious cheats. In touristy areas, many of them are gangsters hoping to sell fake drugs to gullible foreigners. But the most common tourist scams in Vietnam they pull is when they agree on a price for a trip and then ask for a lot more when you arrive at your destination.

They’ll tell you that you must’ve misheard them, and when you argue, they escalate things quickly. They know most foreigners would rather pay a couple dollars than make a huge scene in a strange area with no friends around.

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