Phung Village (Ban Phung), a commune of Hoang Su Phi District, Ha Giang Province, is a must-see when you wish to discover the true beauty of a Northern upland Vietnam.

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Ban Phung Village in Hoang Su Phi @Tony Chu photo

Located at an altitude of more than 1,000 metres above sea level, covered by the mighty Tay Con Linh and Gia Long mountain chains, Phung Village presents an amazing sight of pristineness and romanticity that attracts adventurous travelers coming throughout the year.

Moreover, thanks to a unique culture of the ethnic minority, mostly La Chi, living in the area, visitors may have a chance to witness the regional character and practice that can be hardly found elsewhere.

What makes Phung Village special

Hoangsuphi6 Phung Village Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang Travel
Ban Phung Village in Hoang Su Phi @Tony Chu photo

Traveling to Phung Village, prepare to “wow” when seeing breath-taking scenes of the terrace fields spanning vertically across the mountains. Scaling up into the heavens like steps of the giants, these beautiful pastures mark the uniqueness all over Ha Giang, generally, and give Phung Village a special appeal as a quick capture of how people live and get harmonized with the sky.

During the harvest season, the fields cover all over the valley with a brilliant yellow circle. In the afternoon sunlight, everything seemed to be dyed a warm yellow, whereas at sunshine, visitors can easily catch the clouds floating high at eye level, layering over Phung Village a fanciful view of peacefulness and tranquility.

Growing into natural favor, the locals respect and cultivate the “rice on the sky” as the resource of food, the treasure of tourism. Living up to hospitality, they are happy to offer guests an overnight stay and treat them with all they have. Its cultural and social allure, along with its spectacular and natural legacy has made Phung Village an amazing destination among the best places to visit in Ha Giang, a hotspot of tourism in Northern Vietnam.

What to do at Phung Village

Trekking: Never a bad idea for walkers who wish to experience the most of wild mountains, untouched forests and the authentic culture of Phung Village. When taking a tour along a road zigzagging toward the sky, ones may accompany with smoky clouds hiding the looming terrace rice fields and cluster of houses of La Chi people behind, unveiling their daily lives and casual practices that you can obviously sense when passing by.

Approaching the terrace rice field on the way, you may notice that although the system is centuries old, skilled craftsmanship of people that tend the field have maintained its fertile floor artfully with the usage of a simple yet powerful method, the bamboo infrastructure, to transmit water around the mountainside and applying age-old knowledge of caring for the property. That’d probably be one of the most impressive scenes you may have seen.

Socializing: Coming closer, the village nestling into the mountain’s back greets visitors with warmth and friendliness, from the private language and typical apparel, to the willingness of sharing their traditional customs and festivities with. Events to join can be listed as their own Tet holiday, ceremony of maturity, rain praying, season blessing… if you come in time. Else, other casual activities can be involved are reaping, weaving, fishing, or going to a village fair…

What is the best time to visit Phung Village

Since Phung Village is located within Hoang Su Phi, their weather is quite alike. The rainy season is from May through October with torrential rains and landslides. The dry season is from November through April with low temperatures which may be less than 10 degrees Celsius. For sightseeing, visitors may want to know these tips:

Hoangsuphi2 Phung Village Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang Travel
Ban Phung Village in Hoang Su Phi @Tony Chu photo
  • Between April and June is the rice planting season. Romantic hunters often prefer this time to witness the scenic beauty of the terraced fields during the pouring season.
  • In July, the traditional (Tet) holiday of La Chi is held.
    From early October begins in the ripe rice season. At this point, the terraced fields is the most favorite, spoiled for taking photos of long terraced fields on the slopes.
    At the end of the year, when entering the northern winter, snow can be found occasionally.

How to get to Phung Village

Being among Hoang Su Phi’s communes, Phung Village is about 300km away from Hanoi, via Route 2. The road is mostly in good condition with nice scenery along the way. At Tan Quang Township of Ha Giang Province, you’ll turn into a small road which keeps going up into the mountains until reaching Vinh Quang Town. Phung Village can be reached as it located 30km from there.

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