Cao Bang is typified by jagged mountains carpeted in thick vegetation, sporadic rice paddies and thin winding roads. Discover the best top things to do

Things to do in cao bang Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls
Things to do in Cao Bang

Where is Cao Bang province?

Located in the far North East of Vietnam with long boundary with Chinese border. From Hanoi 290 km and home of different ethnic groups live together such as Tay, Nung, Hmong, Dzao.

Bangioc2 Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls
Bang Gioc waterfall Cao Bang

Cao Bang known as Ban Gioc waterfalls in Northern Vietnam. The region is less development of infrastructure in comparison with other places. Bumpy road, muddy dirty trails and jagged mountains is making untouched Northern Vietnam

Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls

Caobangtour Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls
Things to do in Cao Bang

From my options travelling Hanoi to Cao Bang as part of local guide I see a lot of hidden gems. Untouched North Vietnam to do and see on next adventure for any adventurous travellers. Totally overwhelmed and fascinated by its beautiful scenario and welcoming tribes

Typical Landscapes are beautiful sunrise and sunset that attracted by photographers. This is one top things to do

1. Ban Gioc waterfall

Bangiocfall Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls
Top things to do in Cao Bang Ban Gioc falls

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s most impressive natural sights. Located in the northeastern province, the falls are 30 metres high and 300 metres across, making Ban Gioc the widest (but not the highest) waterfall in the country

2. Nguom Ngao Cave

The Nguom Ngao Cave is Ban Gioc waterfall about 4 km. The cave is boosting the most biggest natural cave in Vietnam. The cave lasts 2 kms in length with huge room by stalactite and stalagmite coming up and down. It is so much fascinated cave in Northern Vietnam.

Cave1 Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls
Nguom Ngao Cave

3. Phat Tich Truc Lam Pagoda

Truc Lam Pagoda is on the side of Ban Gioc waterfall. The Pagoda has a overlook to waterfall and frontier border. Walking up to top of mountain is great to enjoy the best views of location. Charming green mountain ranges and river surrounded.

4. Trung Khanh Village

Caobangtrip3 1 Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls

Far from city, Trung Khanh is one of the most beautiful village to visit in Cao Bang.

Trung Khanh is dotted by mountains, hills, river and rice paddy in the mountain village site. It is one of the top site for photography and adventure lovers,

5. Ngoc Con Village areas

Ngoccontony Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls

Ngoc Con is far Trung Khanh town about 30 km. Its amazing spot will be appearing in front of you. This is definitely breathtaking landscape of all Vietnam. The valleys stretch along with local river making awesome pictures that you would never ever seen it before. This is a really cool place for any photography adventurers and independent travellers.

6. Khuoi My village of Tay ethnic tribe

It is a old traditional village on the way to Ban Gioc falls. Khuoi My is home of original Tay group in area. A visit to Tay village is must see from Hanoi.

Family Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls

7. Traditional villages of Nung ethnic group

incense making and blacksmith workshop

There are two famous handcrafted village. One is only making incense and another is making blacksmith. A visit to Tay and Nung ethnic village on the way would be highlighted

Their farming has existed for ages. It seems to be ignored by the world. simple basic living, planting vegetable farms, cattle, hunting ect.

Ngoccon9 Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls

8. Engle Eye Mountain

“Mountain Angel eye” is in Tra Linh district. It is in fact a rounded through-going cave c.50m in diameter and c.50m high above the lake. The present day altitude of the cave is due mainly to recent tectonic uplift movements.

How to get there? Transportation and Tips

There are a few local buses from Hanoi to Cao Bang, it takes 5 -6hrs to get Cao Bang city.

There are two main road to Cao Bang: one is via Bac Can province to city. Another one is high way Hanoi to Lang Son city and to Cao Bang city.

However it is best option that you can rent a car with driver. Your journey from Hanoi to Ban Gioc is much easier

Recommended Hanoi to Cao bang Transfer

Where to stay and Accommodation?

Hotelroom Things to do in Cao Bang Bang Gioc falls

In Bang city center

There are many options for accommodations: resorts, hotels and homestay available at all cost

At city where you can take a trip to Ban Gioc waterfall and surroundings

In Trung Khach center district

Hotels and homestay are available to book online or you can access easily on arrival at all costs

In Ban Gioc waterfall district

Hotels and homestay available at all cost to book online or access easily on arrival.

Tour recommended:

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