If you are searching an amazing places to visit for real insight authentic local experience travel, Mu Cang Chai Tour is the best option in the North of Vietnam.

This Tour will definitely offer you a good opportunity to see the main spots and admire the beauty of amazing rice terraced fields that Mu Cang Chai Tour has to offer

Mu Cang Chai Travel Guide

How many days to visit Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi worth?

Mu Cang Chai is off the track without touristic in Yen Bai province worthy to visit from Hanoi. so a question is how much time need to go and what should be expected while doing this Mu Cang Chai trip is answering from Tony Vietnam Adventures – Vietnam Tours with local tour guides

Nuocdo 1 Sapa Mu Cang Chai Tour Adventure
Mu Cang Chai Tour from Hanoi
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How much time is worth to visit Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi and how to get there?

Mu Cang Chai is far away from Hanoi city about 300 Km , taking 5 – 6 hours driving ups and downs road on the windy move. It is amazing driving for this route, not only viewing the breathtaking landscapes of mountain ranges but also rice terraced fields appearing amazing and friendly local ethnic people welcoming.

On the way stopping some great places to take a rest and some snacks, coffee before heading up.

How much time need be done for this trip?

Is is due to long distance traveling from Hanoi, need a driving time on the road, let say almost 6 hours to get there and probably another one or two days more to enjoy the areas hooking up for trekking and walking around a valley and rice terraced fields, also to visit ethnic group village people to live and work surroundings

Ricetour Sapa Mu Cang Chai Tour Adventure
Mu Cang Chai rice terraced fields

Beautiful places to visit in Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

The first day would be a driving for long distance and a break for a day while up and down windy road

However it is great day to get out of Hanoi busy and emerge with nature and green mountains along the way

Landscapes will be appearing from place to place within 50KM that making you enjoyable

Time to stop on the beautiful spots for tea break and photography opportunity, as well local interaction

Mucangchaitour Sapa Mu Cang Chai Tour Adventure
Mu Cang Chai off the beaten path travel
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Tour activities: Homestay would be a great way to see how local people live and work for a while. Simply homestay villagers still work well for visitors where the hosts will cook all kinds of local cuisines and lovely foods for guests, well rice wine would be great to invite at homestay

Time for a day trekking and photography on the road of rice terraced fields and villages

spending time with local guide to go for a day trekking and hook up the mountain down rivers to hide in the forests, visit the local ethnic villages on the way trek, get some photos by local people friendly

Yty1 Sapa Mu Cang Chai Tour Adventure
Breathtaking landscapes Mu Cang Chai Northern Vietnam

it will be amazing day to see different things from local points of views, off the track where nobody is there.

This Mu Cang Chai Tour will be cater for those who love nature, trekking, off the track, photography

Mucangchaitravel Sapa Mu Cang Chai Tour Adventure
Mu Cang Chai at golden rice terraced season

What kinds of food to be expected and how to get?

It is common foods to see everywhere in Vietnam, river fishes, prawns, pork, chicken, beef, spring rolls, rice, seasonal vegetables all is available

Drinks: all kinds of averages – beer, soft drinks at market, stalls, local vendors

How to get Mu Cang Chai?

There are some bus company running from Hanoi to Mu Cang Chai city from Me Dinh bus station in different time for about 6 hours trip, bus will be full of local people, get a ticket at bus station counter when checking time

Other options: rent a car with driver from Hanoi to Mu Cang Chai for small group that would be the best options and cheap as well for comfortable. check some prices to suit your budget

Or booking a Mu Cang Chai package tour from Hanoi that will be arranged everything in advance from Hanoi would be an advantage and saving time also cost. this way is also not expensive and more effective than anything else

Where to stay in Mu Cang Chai?

Surrounding areas of Mu Cang Chai is a beautiful place to stay with and amazing spots to look for an accommodation:

La Pan Tan villages, Nga Ba kim district, Khau Pha pass, Tu Le district, Nghia lo district and mu Cang Chai center town.

Many choices for from homestay to hotel to ecologe ( budget to luxury stay available)

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Questions About Mu Cang Chai Travel?

Do you have any questions about traveling to Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai? Ask me anything in the comment section below. We’ll do our best to help!

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