This car tour Ha Giang loop extended Ban Gioc waterfalls is good options. Once you can not do a motorbike or any easy riders on the mountain road trip. To explore this majestic mother nature of mountain north Vietnam whereas you would be fun and comfortable on the go.

This trip will start and end in Hanoi extended Ban Gioc waterfalls if you have more time and enjoy much adventure road ride.

Car tour hagiang loop 1024x683 Car tour Ha giang loop included Ban Gioc waterfalls one week itinerary
Ha giang rocky mountain

Who we are?

Arranged by local guide drivers that we know well the track and also beautiful spots and areas to visit. if you are looking for the real authentic experiences at Northern Vietnam, this car tour is just for you.

It has been done by locals who live and breath in the region to start a new day. And bring to you the hidden side of the road trip.

How many days and itinerary clarified for one week?

you may see the trip will start in Hanoi, so it would take our first day long driver to Ha giang city based for 5 hours. Reaching Ha giang city in the afternoon. Taking a break and strolling surroundings. Overnight in Ha giang city

Accommodation: upon tour request hotels or homestay

Ha giang loop
Summer time in ha giang 1024x768 Car tour Ha giang loop included Ban Gioc waterfalls one week itinerary

The second day start the loop up to rocky mountain and passing all villages with viewing point: Quan Ba heaven gate, twin mountain, coffee views, some hikes at hill tribe traditional village.

Things to see: life and culture of hill tribes and ways of living

Overnight in the next city

The third day will continue exploring rocky mountain, one of UNESCO site Dong Van old town, pole tower northend point of Vietnam.

Things to do: capture all different hill tribe such as H’mong, Thai, Tay, Nung, Lolo… passing all the way up north end Chinese border frontier site

Accommodation at Dong Van old city

The forth day will be at Dong Van old market where to go with local people shopping and hanging around. Keep heading up to Nho Que river and Ma Pi Leng pass, Meo Vac city

On this day would be doing a car loop to come back Ha giang city for overnight. That is a good itinerary for 4 days and Day 5 would be timing to back Hanoi.

Cao Bang Ban gioc waterfalls
Cao bang landscape 1024x768 Car tour Ha giang loop included Ban Gioc waterfalls one week itinerary
Cao Bang Vietnam

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Extended to Cao Bang city and Ban Gioc waterfalls. Today will be rock again to another region of North is Cao bang further Northeast.

A day ride to Bao Lac home town of Ha Nhi tribe for overnight before accessing Ban Gioc waterfalls.

On the sixth day would be Ban Gioc waterfalls and surroundings

Accommodation nearby Ban Gioc falls

Things to do in Ban Gioc: visit a Nguom Ngao Cave, doing a expedition of new route journey cave in hidden rocky mountain valley.

Take a chance dance and sing with local tribe, Tay for folklore evening performance.

On the last day 7 will be journey back to Hanoi.

What the best time to visit Ha giang and Ban Gioc waterfalls

This demanding questions is up to weather yearly round in the north of Vietnam. Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter clarify road condition and humidity of the area. However Summer season from June to August would be raining and hot more than other seasons. And it will effect road trip consideration of land slide and flood somehow.

In winter from November to January would be cold and much chilly at night due to limestone mountain range high.

So plan your car tour of Ha giang loop would be your consideration of schedule in advance and taking care of weather for the first time travel.

How many people and what ages can do Ha giang loop?

This journey is for those who love adventures and nature, also outdoor activities. That is a big reason for you to join the trip. And of course Northern Vietnam tour will be arranged by private departure due to everyone’s schedule plan.

To avoid the risk of taking motorbike or easy riders, or even you don’t ride a bike, get a car Ha giang tour from Hanoi explored this hidden lands of the world.

Fun time with family and friends along the way, senior class would take an advantage of Ha Giang and Ban Gioc waterfalls

How much for this car tour Ha giang loop?

Asking for a price of Ha giang loop and Ban Gioc waterfall tour from Hanoi estimated around $500US more or less depending number of your party, length of the trip, specific requirement for accommodation like hotel room or homestay.

For roughly cost of each trip, I would recommend you should contact directly with locals to make a right decision.

How far and expectation on the tour?

Number of people are talking about Ha giang loop tour every day, so I figure it out duration of each day riding according to itinerary 5 to 7 days as follows:

Journey Hanoi to Ha giang city on the first day would be 5 hours driving with stopping for photo and lunch break

starting the loop at Ha giang next day would be 5 to 8 hours outdoor riding with activities

extended ha giang loop to Ban gioc waterfalls would be another long distance ride, so we will choose to stay overnight in half way.

after finish Ban gioc waterfalls tour, the trip back to Hanoi would take another 7 hours ride.

What hotels accommodation car tour?

saving cost trip is to stay at homestay in the villages by local host. for that you will have time to understand what locals live and share their story by hands.

upper accommodation is hotel with private room or bungalows at resort. you will spend more time to relax and enjoy surroundings after long journey riding each day. This would be many options of hotels and homestay along the way in different cities.

All kinds of accommodation would be your choices and budgeting plan.

What local foods be available during the trip?

Northern Vietnam foods is seasonal fruits and vegetable available, picking at garden or open market everyday

All kinds of ingredients like pepper, chili ect, pork, chicken, ducks, beefs, eggs, hotpots, spring rolls, fried noodle, rice, bread, pancake, salad and much more local dishes to try on the go.

are you vegetarian? it shall be fine to get your own food on the tour by locals

How safe and comfortable trip?

If you are scary about taking an easy rider tour, this Ha giang car loop tour will be much safer and security on the way whereas you do not have to share with a big group tour

What to bring and wear on the go?

Comfy, stretchy clothes. A pair of leggings, some sweat pants or cargo pants would be OK. Your bump is going to thank you for that.

A waterproof coat. Yes, it can rain along the way. Even if you come in dry season. Northern Vietnam has a tropical weather. That is why it has one of the most leafy, dense, beautiful landscapes you’ll ever see. There’s a chance you’ll find some rain anywhere in the road any time of the year. So it’s always a good idea to wear a light jacket that also helps you cover from the rain.

Real shoes. Do not drive on flip flops. Seriously. Wear proper, closed, strong shoes at all times. First, to ride your motorbike more comfortably. But also because you’ll want to stop many times to contemplate the landscape. And the terrain through which the Loop extends is very diverse! There are rocky areas, flat terrain, a lot of vegetation, mud… You may also want to get into one of the many trekking paths you will find on the way, or climb to the top of one of the mountains. So you better be ready!

Flip flops too! A light and waterproof footwear is welcome, especially in summer when you might want to swim in one of the rivers or waterfalls along the way. Of course, they also come on hand if you want to take a shower

Two changes of clothes. That’ll be more than enough for a 3-5 day trip. Apart from the clothes you’ll be wearing, take another pair of t-shirts, an additional pair of comfy pants, a sweater / hoodie, enough underwear and socks. An extra tip before finishing the clothes section: dress the onion way.

As the weather is so changeable, layering clothes will be super helpful. A short-sleeved shirt and a raincoat on top are more than enough for summer (April till October). If you’re riding in winter (December till mid March), you might want to wear a sweater underneath that raincoat

A towel and a basic shower kit. Most guesthouses / homestays along the way will provide you with a towel. But it’s always a good idea to take yours just in case.

What next coming on?

Sunscreen and bug spray. It might get really hot and sunny, so you better put some sunscreen on. Time flies on the motorbike and you don’t  want to get a red face with white helmet marks. Also, if trekking or walking into jungly areas, you’ll want to avoid mosquitoes. So take a bug spray with you

Medicine / First aid kit. You better bring some basic stuff just in case. Keep in mind that, although there are pharmacies in the villages, there’s also, at times, a long distance from one village to another. In any case, you’re not likely to find that very specific pill you’re looking for there.

Money. Although there are ATMs in most villages now, it’s a good idea to take enough cash with you. There are many ATMs at Ha Giang town. And remember there’s not ATM in Du Gia!

Torch / Headlamp. Many of the villages you’ll visit are definitely NOT tourist oriented places. People live in a different way than you do. If you want go for a walk after certain hours, you’ll need to use your own light in certain places.

Besides, there are many caves to explore along the way, and a torch will be super useful there! Of course, the light torch of your phone will be ok if you have enough battery.

Chargers for your phone and camera. Yes, there is electricity all along the loop

Car tour Ha giang loop is for sightseeing or hiking

Hagiang car tour by locals 1024x768 Car tour Ha giang loop included Ban Gioc waterfalls one week itinerary

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Ideally Ha giang loop tour by car combining activities more or less hiking, more than that you are addicted by sightseeing, mother nature landscapes, rocky mountain conquer

Some short hiking on the loop into village and up to the mountain viewpoints

What activities to do?

Planning a head your Northern Vietnam road trip according to time of the year coming in

Looking for rice terraced fields in yellow harvesting season in October, whereas season of water pouring falls for planting in June.

Please share your story experiences about Ha giang car tours from Hanoi today? I would love to hear your inquiry on this journey.

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