Best Tips for Halal Travel in Vietnam

Traveling can sometimes prove difficult for Muslims who want to follow halal requirements in the places they visit. The Islamic law, Sharia, establishes a series of halal foods that are allowed to be consumed by Muslims. The most useful tips for halal travel include information about finding a halal restaurant in a non-Muslim country, in-flight food and eating in fast-food restaurants. Whenever possible, Muslims who are traveling should inquire about the ingredients and preparation of food before consuming it or should prepare their own food if necessary.

Halal means “lawful” in Arabic and is a word that describes all food products permitted by Islamic law, as opposed to haram, which is a term applied to all foods that are forbidden by Islamic law. The most important food products Muslims have to avoid include pork and all products derived from it, carnivorous animals and all types of alcohol. Islamic beliefs consider that animals should be slaughtered in the most humane way possible. This is a complicated rule to follow when a Muslim is trying to practice halal travel to non-Muslim countries, mainly because there is no way to know how the animal was slaughtered.

Especially in Western countries, Muslims might find it difficult to find proper food if they want to practice halal travel. Most restaurants do not disclose all of the ingredients of a dish on the menu, so Muslims should make sure that there was no alcohol used when preparing them. Opting for seafood or vegetarian meals is a good way to respect the halal diet. If in doubt, customers should request to know more about the ingredients of restaurant dishes.

The same rule applies to fast-food restaurants. If someone who respects halal guidelines has to eat at a fast-food restaurant, he or she should choose vegetarian or vegan products. Better yet, there are halal fast-food restaurants in many major cities, so looking for one of them can be a good way to make sure that all halal guidelines are respected.

Some airlines offer passengers the opportunity to choose special dietary requirements. If a company does not include halal menus on the list, Muslim travelers should again opt for vegetarian menus. If the airline permits, some healthy, halal snacks such as dried fruits, cereal bars or nuts can be packed and consumed on the plane.

Another halal travel tip for Muslims is to cook their own food when possible. Fresh halal foods, including vegetables, fruits, honey and organic drinks, are available in all corners of the world. These can be found either in supermarkets or at farmers’ market

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