Tony Custom Tours

  • A private tour means that you don’t have to “share” your guide with anyone else. Private tours are interactive, more like a discussion than a lecture. You get your guide’s full attention. You get to ask as many dumb questions as you want. Your guide will take as many photos of you posing in front of your sights as you want. And you don’t have to find the “meeting place” because your guide will meet you right at your hotel or rental apartment.
  • Custom tours are designed to fit each client, not our own rigid agenda. That means the itinerary for the day was designed around your interests, budget and energy level. Custom tours are adaptive, flexible and easy-going. The pace is as fast or slow as you want, and at any moment you can decide to stop at a café, pop into a boutique, drop by the pharmacy for tissues, or have your guide take you on a bike to see  as a local.
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