Day 1 –  Hanoi : Airport pick to hotel

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My wife and I did a 12 day tour of Northern Vietnam with Tony. Tony was with us for the whole trip form meeting us at the airport to dropping us off 12 days later. We stayed in comfortable hotels which he selected, these were all interesting and presented contrasting experiences. The tour was tailor made essentially a variation on the Northern Loop with a side trip to Ban Gioc waterfall, time in BaBe Park and Ha Long bay at the end. Organisation was very smooth and we saw and experienced things we would have missed on a group tour or if travelling on our own. Driving on the Northern mountain roads is a very different experience to driving in Europe or the USA, be prepared to adjust. We deeply appreciated the personal attention and the excellent photo memories Tony sent us of the trip. Not the cheapest tour available but you get what you pay for, and the extra cost was not great compared to some of our other expenses. Pay close attention when contacting Tony there are several companies operating with the same name (not unusual for Hanoi).

Bang Gioc waterfall @Tony Vietnam Adventures

Day 2 – departure Hanoi to Ha giang city about 6hrs driving (280km)

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Morning: some short city sightseeing in Hanoi as botanic garden, West Lake

Leaving a bit early to avoid crowded and fresh air on the way

Stopping for breaks and photography on the way with lunch.

Overnight in Ha giang city

Day3 – a full day activates of village/mountain trekking with lunch en-route

A beautiful day trek up the mountain for about 6hrs for about 8 – 10km/ completely off the track without tourists

More activities and photos on the go Tony Ha Giang Adventure

Overnight in same place in ha giang city 

Day 4 – Ha giang city keep going to heaven gate of Quan ba – Yen Minh – Dong van plateau for about 5hrs driving (150km)

Today will stop in along the way to see different places for whole day

Overnight in Dong van city

Day 5 – dong van market – King Hmong palaces – Ma Pi Leng pass – Meo Vac city  – cao bang city on the go.

Stay overnight in Cao Bang city

Day 6 – Cao Bang city to Ban Gioc waterfalls and Nguom Ngao Cave

A day trip to visit the waterfall and caves for some hiking around the local village

More information about Cao Bang and surroundings please go to article Cao Bang adventure

Overnight in Ban Gioc town

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Day 7 – Ban Gioc  keep going to Ba be national park

Today spending about 5hrs for driving on the mountain road to Ba Be national park

Upon arriving Ba be national park, walking around and overnight in site of national park

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Day 8 – ba be lake boat – caves – trekking for a day activities

Still overnight in in ba be national park

Day 9 – Leaving ba be lake to Cat Ba islands

Today all is for driving from Ba be to cat ba islands for about 7 -8hrs

Overnight in Cat Ba

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Day 10 – Cat ba to Viet Hai Village

Cat Ba islands @Tony Vietnam Adventures

Taking a boat to a beautiful villages away from cat ba islands to Viet Hai villages inside Cat ba national park for overnight. In this charming small village with a good accommodation and far away from tourist cat ba city.

Overnight in this village with beautiful setting of private bungalow surrounding by mountain in peaceful side of national park.

In the morning cycling around village

In the afternoon hiking to national park

Overnight in the village

Day 11 – a day of boat tour through Lan Ha Bay – Bai Tu Long Bay with kayaking – swimming – caves and beach

It is a private boat for a day trip

 Overnight in the same place.

Day 12 – Cat Ba island going back to Hanoi/ airport

Finish of the trip and good bye Vietnam.


delicious homecook meals @Tonychu photo

Lunch and dinner will be served or buy at local restaurants on the go or nearby hotel stay

In some places meals must be arranged in advance for preparing and cooking at hotel or local restaurants

Foods: Northern mountain food is also quite simple and similar from place to place such as spring rolls, chicken, beefs, pork, shrimp, fish, fried eggs, peanut, all kinks of local seasonal vegetables and fruits.

But it all is fresh and tasty.

Accommodation on the go @Tonychu photo

 Hotel in Ha Giang

Ha Giang Historic Hotel or similar

Hotel in Dong Van

Dong Van Bar Hotel or similar

Hotel in Cao Bang

Max Boutique Hotel or similar

Hotel in Ban gioc

Tung duong guest house 

Hotel in Ba be lake

Ba Be Legend Villa or similar

Hotel in Cat ba

Whisper Nature Bungalow or similar

Curious to know more about Cao Bang? Here’s our guide to Ban Gioc Waterfall & Nguom Ngao Cave.

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