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In Vietnam, generally speaking, do not go for the street girls. They are mostly drug addicts or who have been thrown out of better places like dancing clubs in hotels, bars, karaoke…due to their declines in physical appearance. Yes, many girls on the street look quite young (especially to the eye of the Westerners). Moreover, 99.9% of the time you will get into trouble with street girls if you go with them to their places.

Do not go with them to your places. That is the first rule. Second, you should also avoid karaoke bar. These places are set up only for local guys, who must come in group and often know the owners. If you go by yourself, you will certainly be robbed. Do not also go to massage parlors, except the ones in mid-range and expensive hotels. These parlors are safe. But they will provide only (good) massage and a hand job (if you tip USD20).

If you are on the streets after 10pm you are likely to be approached, indeed surrounded, by criminal types both on foot & motorcycle, it is very dark; they will try to rob you possibly by pretending to be friendly & putting their hands on you whilst one of them attempts to get inside your bag – or your bag may be just snatched. I have seen both happen. Under these circumstances you are at the mercy of these demented, illiterate, pathetic little criminals. Another scam is that a girl on a motorcycle will offer you sex ‘ at her place ‘ – she will take you to a seedy little guest house where she has criminal friends & there you will be robbed.
Even when a small room you are in with her you will be robbed – example she might encourage you to take a shower & then go thru your bag or even if you are on a bed & having a massage she will ensure that you are face down & someone will come into the room on all fours and ransack your bag. Then she will rush you out of the hotel to the point of being aggressive & rude so you don’t notice the theft.

This scam happens in both Hanoi and Saigon. The difference is that Saigon shuts down at midnight (Hanoi shuts at 10pm). The bottom line is that after these curfew hours you are fair game for the criminal elements in Vietnam, and believe me the country is full of them

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