Halong Bay Boat Tours

These are some bad experiences you will hear from random travellers about their Halong Bay Junk Boat Tour that was booked in Hanoi, online or at the docks:

Want to avoid the worst during your junk boat tour? Read on!

  • Boat was literally a junk that was ready to fall apart or sink
  • Did not get all the tour services they paid for upfront
  • Was not enough food on the boat for everyone
  • Boat does not look like it did in the brochure photos
  • Told to pay extra for services like kayaking when they thought it was included
  • Charged extra dong for having outside drinks onboard
  • Not enough sun loungers for everyone or even no top deck at all to hang out on
  • Not told in advance they would have to pay for their drinks (which are highly inflated)
  • Things don’t seem very cleanly
  • Room was very uncomfortable
  • Had to share a room with someone when they booked private
  • Tour was overbooked and got moved to a different group or even a different tour operator all together
  • Choked on carbon exhaust fumes all night
  • VIP bus ride was not so VIP
  • Can’t contact their booking tour operator to complain and/or they didn’t offer any refunds when they got back
  • etc etc etc. Basically anything you can imagine to go wrong does go wrong

            Halong Bay Junks Class

Five Star Cruises

   – Violet Cruise Halong Bay

   – Halong Paradise Cruises

   – Victory Star Cruise Halong

   – Valentine Cruise Halong

   – Bhaya Cruises Halong

   – Halong Ginger Cruise

   – Indochina Sails Halong

   – Halong Jasmine Cruise

   – Emeraude Classic Cruises

Four Star Cruises

   – Red Dragon Cruise

   – Princess Cruise Halong

   – Victory Cruise Halong

   – Bai Tho Cruise Halong

   – Huong Hai Junk Cruise

   – Dragon Pearl Cruise

   – Lagoon Explorer Cruise

   – Jewel of the Bay Halong Bay

   – Halong Cruise for Family

Three Star Cruises

   – Halong Bay Cruise 1 Day

   – Hai Long Green Cruise

   – Sea Turtle Halong Bay Cruise

   – Bai Tu Long Cruise Halong

   – Classic Sail Halong Bay

   – Annam Junk Cruise

   – Hai long Dream Cruises

   – Paloma Cruise

   – Halong Glory Cruises

Standard Cruises

   – Phoenix Cruiser

   – Hai Au Cruises

   – Anh Duong Cruises

   – Bien Ngoc Cruises

   – Santa Maria Cruise

   – Dream Sea Voyage

Classic Itineraries with Paradise Cruises Junks


Your heavenly journey across Halong Bay starts around noon on Tuan Chau Island at the doorstep of Vietnam’s most fascinating wonder.

As the vessel sets sails, you will be greeted by Paradise Crew and Cruise Manager who will aim throughout your stay at providing you with the highest standards of service for a pure pleasure and utmost comfort onboard our luxury facilities in the stunning surroundings.

Discover some of the treasures disseminated across the Bay of the Descending Dragon during the afternoon: fascinating caves, pristine beaches, picturesque floating villages, fantastic rock formations rising up out of emerald water.

While onboard, you can take advantage at leisure of our Spa, Beauty & Massage services; surrounded by a stunning setting in motion, you will attend our chef’s cooking demonstration and try your skills in the art of traditional Vietnamese cooking.

Defined to be one of the highlights of your Paradise stay, a highly refined, innovative and varied cuisine will be presented for Lunch and Dinner in the elegant dining-room, accompanied by a wide selection of wines and beverages from around the world.


Early birds can attend a Tai Chi demonstration on the sundeck at the break of dawn. Start the day enjoying some Paradise delights with a colourful buffet breakfast. Continue exploring Halong Bay sailing across its 2000 islets and visiting some of its major highlights. Your Paradise Cruise will come to an end on Tuan Chau Island between 10.30am and 11.00am.