New tour car with English driver chauffeur


We would like to offer all our new clients a special way of spending time in Vietnam – services of our professional English-speaking guide–driver.

Our guide-driver professionalism

Our employees are guide-drivers with at least many years of experience. They have covered the distance of thousands of kilometers in their good and comfortable cars driving English-speaking tourists around Vietnam. They know most of the main cities, tourist attractions, and possess a wide knowledge of geography, history and current situation of Vietnam. Of course, they can speak both Vietnamese and English and, therefore, they can be helpful as interpreters in case you need it. Honestly speaking, they are perfect people to take care of you during your stay in Vietnam.

Our cars / vans / minibuses

We can provide transport for 1-8 person groups in Vietnam. Our cars are equipped with air-conditioning, CD /radio, comfortable seats, and a large room for your luggage. For larger groups, over 8 persons, we can also provide transport in minibuses, in which case, the assistance of two persons is ensured – of a professional guide and a professional driver.

Cost of our guide-driver services

The cost of our guide-driver work depends on a car size:
–standard car (e.g. toyota sedan) suitable for 1-3 person group ride – cost of USD 120 per day;
– van (e.g. Fortuner/innova) suitable for 4-6 person group rides – cost of USD 150 per day;
– minibus (e.g. Fortransit) suitable for 6-8 person group rides – cost of USD 210 per day;

Price includes:
– English speaking guide-driver work & assistance (up to 10 h per day),
– transfers – up to 200 km (130 miles) per day, (cost of extra km is only USD 0.5 / km – for all types of cars),
– gas, car park and road fees.

The additional costs can include:
– accommodation at a hotel for a guide – driver if you don’t come to the departure city on the same day,
– a dinner and breakfast for a guide-driver if you don’t come to the departure city on the same day (or a cash equivalent – USD 20 per day),
Extra services we can provide you with:
– accommodation for your group at any place in Vietnam, at any hotel standard, with special prices,
– breakfast, lunch and dinner– according to your wishes,
– booking tickets for entries to events.

We can also help you to plan a tour program for your group with the help of our long experience. We will write a detailed tour program for you, with places worth visiting, recommended and checked hotels, restaurants, so that your spend your tour – holiday time in the best possible way at a reasonable price. The service with customized tour program is USD 20 per day.

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Hanoi Car Hire Team

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