Booking Standard Cruises In Halong

Standard Cruises In Halong, the 3 star class cruises

1. Alova Gold Cruise

Alova gold cruises at Halong Bay
USD 112
per night / per person

Discover the amazing Halong Bay on one of Alova Gold Cruises – each cruise consists of 9 warm and neat cabins, nicely decorated restaurant, an exciting western bar, a spacious sundeck in classic Asian style. Alova Gold will take you into the legendary world with various activities that will truly provide an unforgettable impression. What make Alova Gold different? They are food, beverage and people. Under the management of a cruise manager from Holland – Mr Sidney Van Meneen, Alova Gold Cruises focus on quality of meals, bar service and hospitable people. For more detailed…

2. Aclass Opera Cruise

Aclass opera cruise at Halong bay
USD 116
per night / per person

Halong Aclass Opera Cruise offers once- in- a -life -time experience on board the traditional oriental-style boat that cruising around the World Heritage site of Halong Bay. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled natural surroundings and savor its breathtaking views, while the crew provides you with first-class service throughout the length of your journey in 2 days or 3 days. Built in 2009, Aclass Opera Cruise offers the best of both worlds: luxurious, traditional styling paired with sophisticated modern facilities and comforts! Halong Aclass Opera features 3 decks designed with Asia Traditional decor… For more detailed…

3. Huong Hai Junk

huong hai junk at Halong Bay
USD 112
per night / per person

Huong Hai Junk on Scenic Halong Bay, with its emerald seas, rests beautifully over the Red River Delta. This region, “the Bay of the Descending Dragon”, is dotted with more than 3,000 mountainous islands, each with its own unique landscape. The islands are famous for their dolomite and limestone rock formations, many of which have been given names. Natural grottos, land tunnels and islets are also common. For more detailed…



4. V’Spirit Cruises

VSpirit Classic cruise at Halong bay
USD 139
per night / per person

Since its inception in 2012, V’Spirit has held true to its original commitment of taking the very best aspects of classic, comfortable cruising and updating them to reflect current lifestyles. For more detailed…





5. Poseidon Sails

Poseidon Sails at halong bay
USD 99
per night / per person

Poseidon Sails, the newest cruise in Halong Bay, has been built as a traditional wooden junk with modern contemporary Vietnamese design. The Halong Poseidon Sails provides deluxe amenities and pampering services whilst cruising through magnificent landscapes with 08 spacious standard cabins, suites and a large sun deck. For more detailed…



6. Marguerite Garden Cruise Halong Bay.

Marguerite Garden – Peaceful flowers on the Bay

marguerite garden cruise-halong bay
Price from US$ 135/ p.p/ night

Combined between traditional and modern senses, Marguerite Garden possesses 10 cabins, which are decorated in classic style and still fully furnished with various modern amenities. Its tours provide an excellent itinerary for swimming, kayaking or relaxing on the boat deck to visit the most untouched areas.
You will spend quality time to explore the unique beauty of mountain range or limestone on Ha Long Bay. Taking a rest in the bay of Wonders, relaxing on the crystal blue ocean or charming white sand beaches, you will soon forget all the pressure and enjoy your journey to its fullness. For more detailed…

7. Royal Heritage Cruise Halong Bay.

Royal Heritage Cruise – Ideal Place for Relaxation

royal heritage cruise-halong bay
Price from US$ 149/p.p/ night

Royal Heritage Cruise is the result of a subtle combination between the quintessential definition of traditional shipbuilding and modern western comfort. Royal Heritage offers 2 cruises with 7 and 8 cabins. Each cabin is fully equipped with luxury facility and special in-room amenities, which contribute to the comfort and convenience of your stay.
Focus on diversified cruising routes, the Royal Heritage cruises to most highlight spots and always offers enough time to explore every destination. Royal Heritage Cruise commits to bring unforgettable memories and experiences to each and every tour. For more detailed…